Thursday, June 22, 2006

Day 35 more painting

man, painting is tiring!

I swear that if you put anything in my hand that resembles a paintbrush, it will cramp up!

I applied the new coat of paint today to the bedroom. Exhausting. Its not the gray that i somehow imagined, still a littl too blue, but its a shade darker and im happy with it. it looks realllly good with the whites and blonde woods in the room and that was my main objective. to provide a calming and relaxful not so dark bedroom. so i am done! now i have to paint the baseboards. oh, and i am going to try and paint the doors white. if they dont let me paint them, im going to go get new ones. Im going to replace the old handles and hinges too. Need some stainless stell upgrades yeah.

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Tonight we watched Dave Chappelles Block Party! it was awesome, i highly recommend it. Theresa and Baby Boy bought me the DVD for early fathers day. Afterwards Theresa started working in her "office" she just loves to get all snug and do her summer job from this little chaise. She gets all situated with her drinks and remotes and the laptop. (the tv isnt too far away either). She says she likes working on the laptop insread of the home computer because she doesnt feel like she's working.

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