Friday, July 07, 2006


So there I am, sitting at the computer about to buy a song off of the internet, and I have the choice to download the "explicit version" or the "clean version". You can see where this is going...But its true, I already think about everything does this affect baby? I dont think my parents had this problem, Can you imagine. going through your parents stuff and coming across a naughty mp3 called "Drop it like its hot".

Cuzz you know, that will be babys first medium, the Ipod and computers. Like, should i teach my kid "old school" by first introducing the CD? NO, I dont think so.

Anyway, so im trying to figure out how all these parental controls work and what not, not that clean versions even make a difference. Even if its clean, its bad, (speaking of hip-hop music anyway)

so I think I am going to have to limit my hiphop jams to the Ipod, hmm, but that won't stop him either, he'll want to play with that too, maybe i should get two Ipods. mmm, i like that idea. One can be a decoy with nothing but Sting and classical, while the other has all the dirty jams.

I wonder if the little one will pick up on my bad spanish slang...well of course he will. Golly,
im going to have to figure that one out too.

I think my next project is going to be the mural, so im going to pick out paint colors ASAP!


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