Wednesday, July 12, 2006

miniblinds be gone!

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so today i wanted to knock out a few things that have been bothering me before I started work on the mural. One thing that has been bothering me is this big ol empty planter that has been sitting in my backyard forever. Its a bloom pot, unfortuanatly it doesnt work..hence the reason its sitting in MY backyard. We broke it at work one day when we fashioned it into a beer cooler for a party.

So i went to Big Red Sun to pick up a plant. I got a Cape Rush...a native grass to south africa. Well, since i was dirty i went ahead and planted the cactus that my dad brought me from my Grandmas house, like...a year ago. And as an added bonus, my friend Bonnie (who works at Big Red Sun) hooked me up with some succulents that were not "retail worthy"

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when i retire i will pretty much just maintain a cactus garden and be a Mr. Miagi type.

So. with that out of the way i moved on to changing out the miniblinds in the nursery. Here is a before picture.
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Now i had this idea to paint the inside of the window box purple. making a giant square. so i began with that. I taped things off and went to Home depot to buy new vertical blinds. Now Normally i would go with the 2 inch horizontal faux wood blinds like the ones in the bedroom, but the window was so big that i would have to special order them to the tune of $230. thats right special order. thats too long. But seriously i wanted vertical b/c they are safer. no cords to get tangled in., just the wand to tear off and use as a lightsaber.

Well i did it. painted, then put up the blinds. But the final look was not what i was going for. In my mind i pictured a square of purple surrounding the window. well. in the top picture you will see that with the valance. there is no purple on top at all,
so i took it off, and while you can see purple, it looks pretty ghetto.

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So i have decided to try and paint the valance purple. not sure if this will work. b/c the valance is just vynl. not sure if it will take paint. and I also dont like how the window sill is purple on the front. im thinking i should just paint that white again, but then..ohh we'll see. i might just wind up painting a big square around the whole thing.

so the dresser comes with different colored panels to use with it. so i grabbed the pink ones which i will never use, and painted them purple too
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So i was going to paint all of them, but im kinda liking the multi look.

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mural later.


Blogger Amy said...

love the dresser/changing table panels. Love the multi color look too. Carry that color scheme over to the trees and it will ROCK!!! keep up the good work

7/13/2006 9:34 AM  
Anonymous Corina said...

the dressor looks great. keep up the good work with the nursery.

7/15/2006 2:39 PM  

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