Tuesday, August 29, 2006


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Theresa and I are pretty tired, but having a good time getting to know baby and settling into the routine of no routine

He found his thumb today. that was pretty cute. We love to hold him and to talk to him.
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We are learning very quickly about a lot of different things. About ourselves, each other, and akello.

We have a couple of questions for the pediatrician and cant wait for our appointment on tuesday.

Theresa calls Akello her little turtle. He looks like one too. That is his totem. and like a turtle i hope his years are long. He is so cute. He will stretch his head up and open his eyes, give a little yawn and his head will tuck back towards his body.

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We have gotten a lot of good advice from people we dont even know through this blog. All advice and thoughts are welcome. We absorb anything and everything and adapt it to our needs.
so keep em coming and feel free to share your expireances.

A lot of you have wanted to come visit baby over here at the house. We really appreciate this but at the same time, we really need this time to settle into this new role of parents.

We know that you understand, and respect this. We want you to see baby too, (we are pretty proud) but this is for the best!

Thank god it rained. that was like his way of helping us out.

God - "dont worry about the plants...I got'em!"

I forgot to say. On the day that akello was born and upon entering our recovery room I walked over to the window to take a picture of the outside so as to remember what kind of day it was.
I took a picture of the blinds and then peered out the window.

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I noticed a white bird, a dove, or maybe a pigeon. It flew aross the parking lot and landed on a lamp post high above the trees in the parking lot and looked my way. It brought with it a gust of wind and the trees flowed softly towards our room, almost as if to applaud and welcome, with the glint of leaves turning as the sun hit them, and the lone white bird looking our way, i felt as if the bird was Akello's gaurdian angel...sent down to stand watch.

I quickly made a hole through the blinds with my left hand and grabbed the camera around my neck with my right. I thrust the camera through the hole and looked through the viewfinder...
and well, you know the rest. The trees were still. The angel was gone.


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