Friday, September 29, 2006

another day

Today's Akello pic!
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while not evident in this picture, we noticed that akello is starting to smile! its so cool when he does it, because we now know that he means it. fun fun fun

While i appreciate everyone voting on the doors, there was really only one vote that counted, and that was T's. She has chosen option 6, so green it is!
everyone seemed to express a like for the green, it was the definite favorite. and ALL of my co-workers picked it, and I think thats a first. I like it too of course..i submitted it.

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Now then,

getting back to the front porch. Yesterday i told you about the glue-lam option...
here is a picture of a glue-lam bench outside jO'S COFFEE
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Nice and sturdy, it would be better than the fence in that it could provide some extra seating as well act as a privacy barrier. still have not found a supplier or price for it though. (yes, i asked the jo's people! what do you think!, they still havent gotten back to me.)

today i found another option. While driving on South Lamar right passed oltorf to get my oil changed at Lube pitstop, BTW, dont get your oil changed at jiffy lube, whatever you do. I equate it to buying produce at the Exxon mini mart.

anyway i spotted these cool benches outside the newly renovated shopping area that houses Birds barbershop, Roost, Downstairs, and some sex shop. i forget which one, but these benches looked rad!

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I was all up in'em taking pics and seeing how they were made. im thinking i might even make those lids come off so as to store garden hoses and what not

Now I know that these are do-able. Now the quote to get the little fence done for the patio was $600. Im thinking i could get theese benches done for cheaper


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