Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Here's looking at you kid!

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Its tough to capture this look on the camera, but this is how he looks most of the time. Alert and in careful study of my face, or whoever holds him for that matter.

Today i was using the pressure washer to clean the vynil siding on the house as well as the mildew and grosseties that had collected on the rock fascade facing the street.

If you look at this file photo you mignt be able to tell that the rock under the windows is a little darker than the rest. Thats mildew growth due to the bushes that used to be there.
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Now with the bushes gone, i was able to get in there and blast it off. I love the pressure washer because it is so powerful and easy to use. you see instant results and it can be addicting. everytime i get the thing out, im looking for something new to use it on. Like today!

i had gotten it out to blast off the mildew that had collected on the unstained portion of the fence. that, and the low end of the fence close to the ground had gotten dirty with rain backsplash because of the lack of grass on the ground. so the fence was just caked in mud. So after i handled the fence, the siding, the mildew on the rock, i was still hungry.

Ahhh the mailbox. it sits under a tree and had a ton of mildew all over it. Well
the pressure washer took that mildew right off! and the paint along with it!
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i was like (in keanue reeves voice) "Whoa"

I just kept on spraying and decided to remove all the paint. but the paint didnt all come off. Now the thing just looks ghetto!
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Now I have never been to crazy about this mailbox, with its curly Q support pole and all. I already have in mind what i want from lowes. i had picked it out a long time ago but never even dreamt about submitting that project proposal to the boss because i knew it would never pass, being that it was purely cosmetic. So i have asked theresa if i could use any moneys that would have been spent on my birthday for a new mailbox.

G - "i screwed up the mailbox with the pressure washer"
T - "I thought it looked different for some reason"
G - "so i want a new one for my birthday"
T - "a new mailbox?...for your birthday"
G - "well will you let me replace it"
T - "no"
G - "then yes, a new mailbox for my birthday"
A - whaaahh!

Hmm...in reading what i just wrote i realized that i could just paint it.

mmm. Nah!!!


Blogger Amy said...

Ha ha! You got an E. L.A. mailbox now. LOL

You know you are getting old when:

*you ask for a mailbox for your birthday! LOL Just kidding....no i'm not...

He he he he

9/27/2006 12:59 PM  

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