Thursday, August 31, 2006

Akello is one week old!

wow one week has come and gone. I feel like it has been four days. Where have all the cowboys gone? I mean time. yes, where has all the time gone.

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I used to drink these things to get me going at work, or before i worked out. Ha!

working out. the only work out i get now is holding akello and his car seat. that things a beast!

p.s I highly recommend turbo tea. its the best for getting you going. you can get it at HEB

Lets talk about other recommendations. Those that know me know to buy me anything stainless steel for christmas or birthday. One of my favorite accessories has been my Sigg Mugg.

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i used to be a Nissan fan, but no more. I have had the sigg for about a year, maybe 2 years now, and it holds heat amazingly well. I used to not be a handle guy, but sigg won me over.

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get yours at whole foods today.

Today me and the fam went over to Special Addition on 35th and Lamar. Theresa had bought a sling from them a while back and they offered to help her with it once the baby came. well the babys here and that sling was pretty confusing, so we hopped in the car and headed on over

Theresa had been working with a girl over there named Rachel. She was there today too. Rachel is awesome and great to work with.
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She taught us how to use the sling and after about 30 mins we were out of there.

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its hilarious to see all the kids stuff they sell. especially college stuff. like little UT this or little A&M that. Im glad theresa is not college logo crazy. Neither of us are. In fact T has two degrees from UT and i have one degree from UT. and theres only one UT shirt in our entire house. and that's because Theresa needed a new shirt really quick while on campus one day.

Now dont get me wrong. we want UT to win and all that, but, when they do win, or loose, our lives stay the same. no bonus for making it to the playoffs, no fear of loosing my job. I dont play on the football team so i cant say that "we won".

Im glad T and i are on the same page on that one, b/c it seems like we are the only ones!

anyway sorry. fandom intrigues me, plus i have a black belt in keeping it real.

and now....your daily zen

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

he is SOOOO beautiful!!!!!!


9/01/2006 11:35 AM  
Anonymous Corina said...

oh my god I check your blog everday, just to see your beautiful child!!! Dont forget to hold him all the time. Give hime one big hug from me. Best of Luck, Corina

9/01/2006 7:15 PM  

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