Wednesday, September 13, 2006

computer woes

So I am writing this entry on my laptop because i had to take in
my iMAC to get fixed. It was just shutting off for no reason, randomly and annoying us to no end. Now this computer was still under warranty, but whats funny, is that apple only gives you 3 months of phone support in an effort to sell you on the apple care plan. Well luckily, i have the applecare plan for 3 more years anyway. Worth the money my friends.

So the funny thing is..even though its less than a year old and the warranty still works, if you don't have applecare, you can't even call to see what's wrong with it!

anyway, they couldnt fix it over the phone, so i got to take it in to Comp USA to get fixed. So we are out one computer for a couple of days. (hence no pictures)

Akello is feeling better, so thats good. We went on a walk today. it was nice. the weather felt so good. Its fun to walk around the neighborhood and explore all the side streets and look at all the houses.

also, The Ban has lifted and we are now accepting visitors to the house. just call to schedule. Oh, so i finished the birth announcement and kinkos was supposed to have a proof for me on tuesday. I will go check in with them tomorrow to see where they are at. what sucks is that my printer at home does a way better job, but i dont have the time to trim each one, and it will ultimatly be more expensive.

im going to try and get a quote from another printer tomorrow or something.

the laptop is frustrating because it will just freeze and you got to shut it down and reboot. have never fixed this one, (not under applecare)


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