Sunday, September 03, 2006

Baby Tai Chi

So me and the little guy had a great photo shoot today. A break in the gloomy clouds offered a timely opportunity to use natural light. It also happened to be his play time, So I put him on the Sheepskin throw right after he awoke from a nap.

I had the house music going on and everything. I got one stellar pic that I will be using in the photo announcement.

I wish I could show you now but it needs extensive photoshoping work. The backround needs changing and its going to be tough to edit between his whispy hairs.

Now babies don’t smile ‘till later. So when they do smile its because of gas. It’s always nice to get a gas smile. Its always followed by a grimace or two. I smile at him all the time and make different faces at him. Babies love faces at this stage and can only see 8 to 12 inches in front of them.

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I have been practicing the 5 S’s, From the book entitled The happiest baby on the block.

1. shushing. (THIS ONE IS MY FAVE) and works great
2. swaddling, the burrito wrap. also a good one
3. sideways, holding him on his side . this one worked great in the hospital but is useless here at home.

4. swinging, rocking or dancing with him
he loves this one, but it gets tiring. We can dance for a while! I like to play different rythms for him while we dance. Anything from salsa to house music. I really want to instill a good sense of rhythm in him (if that’s possible) I even sing drumbeats to him. He seems to like it.

5. sucking. Using a patsy. We have not used this one yet, as we are going to wait to introduce it once we make sure that breast feeding is going well, and plan to get rid of it within 3 to 4 months as suggested by the books we read.
The pediatrician tried to give him a patsy when we were in her office and he pretty much rejected it.

I was like, good boy!

Akello has been doing really good about adjusting his circadian rythem and he is sleeping 16 to 18 hours a day, with a goal of one long 4 hour nap occurring at night.

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Theresa has been doing a great job getting him adjusted. We log everything he does on a little chart, so that we can be sure that everything is normal. It’s a good thing we have a clock in the nursery hahaha. another good thing that i would recommend are carpenters pencils. i got one from my uncle for christmas as part of a HOME DEPOT package o' supplies that i never thought about using until now. The thing is, is that we were using a regular pencil for the chart. well that chart goes eveywhere with us, in the bed, in the rocker, you name it. and we were loosing so many of the pencils. it would be like, where did the pencil go. cuzz they just roll off the pillow or whatever. not anymore.

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During the day we limit his naps to two to three hours and have play time. Usually an hour where we read him a book, or just show him different things. I put him in front of the Rothko print I have in the living room and he stared and stared.

Montessori says,
Don’t tear little ones away from what they are studying. Wait for them to look away.

Well he looked at the painting for a good minute. Which in baby time is an eternity.

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todays playtime consisted of me reading him a book called "the bear snoars on", massaging his stomach with a rattle (for gas) and the photoshoot.

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Theresa was helping him to work out some gas today after a feeding. He doesn’t flail his arms around like he used to, Now he moves them slow. Like as if he’s doing Tai Chi. Its funny to watch him. He will just stare at Theresa and slowly move his arms around.

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hes a gassy little guy, like all babies. they are so gassy because they suck so much air in when nursing, bottle fed babies are even more gassy. Sometimes he cries because he has gas, so we move his legs as if he were riding a bicycle. his right leg is strong and he tries to resist us. Theresa thinks this is a sign that he will be right handed.

It’s so funny, Theresa just changed his diaper, just now as I was writing this, and then as soon as she finished He let out a succession of poops, like rapid fire. Theresa was all "hey!, you did that on purpose you little squirt!"

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It was hilarious. So i took a pic.

He sneezes a lot, what’s funny is that he usually always gives two sneezes. I always sneeze in threes, and I think my dad always sneezes in fours.

They sneeze and cough a lot at this stage to get rid of all the ambiotic fluid in them.

And now, your daily zen.

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