Monday, September 04, 2006

new radio, new worries


Monday has been no fun. i didnt even take any pictures of the little bro today. thats how fun it was.
i even bought some new electronics and it was no fun. a first.

the day started with some frustration, and its been that way ever since.
until now at 2am

the little radio that i bought for the nursery had a problem. It would default to a high volume level every time we turned it off. So we would turn it on and whammo! KUT LOUD AND CLEAR! oh and heres another thing, you have to put it on the CD function in order to eject the CD. and heres another thing, when you would put a CD on it would hiss before you even hit the play button, bad signal to noise ratio.

what should i have expected from a company called iLive for $100? i just really wanted that ipod capability.

well i went to go get the receipt and you guessed it. I bought it 34 days ago, way passed the 30 days, but i went back to best buy anyway. i was able to get store credit for it and picked up a sony that has a cassette player a tuner and a CD player. The sony is great so far, and while its not white like i wanted, at least its silver, and a bit smaller than the old one. plus i have 40 best buy bucks left over

akello has not slept for longer than 20 minutes today and its been really tough on us. He has been feeding alot and we are having quite a bit of time soothing him. nothing works, he's been crying a lot all day. Around 9pm tonight we had had enough, so i got the duct tape. just kidding.

We put him in his car seat and went for drive. we got two blocks from the house and theresa said that she thought akello was running a little warm.

"Should we take him to the emergency room"
"I dunno what do you think"
"what do you think"
"i dunno"
"i dunno"

So we turned the car around and went straight back to the house realizing we had never taken his temperature and didnt know how to do it much less work the digital thermometer. We get back and as i rifled through our medicine cabinet looking for vaseline theresa looked up the direcs on how to check the temp rectally. Maybe someone told us, but we forgot. lots of looking stuff up, googling, hurridly so.

took the temp. 98.8 yay! no fever yet. but its only a matter of time as all babys get a fever at some point. We almost drove straight to the emergency room. and that would not have been bad and worth the money but its good not to be the over-protective parents at the hospital right out of the gate. Im very proud of theresa for staying cool after such a stressful day.

We are both exhausted but i have made peace with the Dex sound sleeper. I now wear earplugs and they work great! earplugs, who'd a thought it.

today was the first day that we hung out with the baby in the TV room. Theresa needed time in something more comfortable than any rocking chair. so upstairs to the tv room and the chaise lounge she loves. We went up there and watched King of the hill while he nursed, and finally! after finishing, he slept for 2 and a half hours.

I got to say, its much easier staying up while watching TV. Didnt even think about it
now it is our base camp. Also, Thank goodness for laptops.

If you are in the market for a computer and you are thinking about maybe a laptop, and you are expecting a child, GET A LAPTOP!

this pic is from the archives, as, i didnt take any today.

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