Thursday, September 07, 2006

Backup - We need Backup

So with gil off to work, it was time to call in the troops, or troop I should say.
Theresa's mom (Pearl) has come to stay for a week or so to help Theresa in my absence. It doesnt hurt that Pearl is a retired nurse either.

It wouldnt be that hard or that bad, but theresa has fallen ill with a Mastitis infection

It really pains me to see theresa in this condition and I know that she is having a hard time with it. Theresa went to the doctor today and found out that all the pain that she'd been putting up with, the fever aches, headaches and chills, were not because of the engorgement. So she is on the antibiotics and pain medication.

After not being able to sleep last night i have strictly adopted the earplugs as standard operating procedure. Last night i was soo tired, exhausted, that i thought, surely i will fall asleep as soon as i lie down, wich was at 11pm. But sure enough, i was just restless and figety until 2am.

Today i came home from work and took a nap using the earplugs and i was out cold for 2 hours. So i will be using them again here in a bit.

Today Pearl and Theresa broke out with the AVENT pacifyers that i had bought some time ago, but had never used. They work really well, and baby is taking to it a lot better than the other two that we had tried.


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