Friday, September 15, 2006


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nothing great to report today...that i can remember.

Baby is starting to settle into his circadian rythm and sleeping more at night than during the day.

Theresa told me today, that after she takes a shower, she feels like a whole new person. Every shower is like a spa treatment. I know how she feels.

I remember when we were in the hospital, and i took a shower on friday around 3pm in the hospital room.

It felt amazing! and every shower since then for about 2 weeks was always looked forward to with anticipation, knowing how much a difference it made.

Theresa still has that feeling, but since i have been back at work, im not as exhausted as theresa, so showers are back to normal for me.

its so fun to put akello in front of the mirror. He will just ZONE OUT!
I will get behind him and touch his nose while talking, so that he can see me in the mirror and make the correlation. Yes, he's only 3 weeks old, and probably cant carry the one at this point but it doesnt hurt.


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