Thursday, September 14, 2006

Grandmas back

Pearl is back for one more week and i am grateful. im sure i speak for theresa too.

Whenever Im holding akello i wish i had not one, but two more arms.

He is doing well and we are really enjoying him. we are getting to know him a little better. His cries and expressions.

Theresa likes to walk around with akello in the sling and she is getting better at multitasking. Theresa and Pearl went to baby's r us for a few things today. more on that another time.

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Akello is doing really good with tummy time. He doesnt fuss or cry for a good while and i think he enjoys the challenge. That is one thing that we are lucky about, he likes tummy time,is easy to burp and he has a very strong suck reflex. We are unlucky about other things.

THeresa and pearl removed his bandaid today
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Oh, the computer. got a call from comp usa. turns out its not the power management unit but its the logic board. of course it is. Computers are just like cars. You take it in, wait for a call, freak out about the costs, and then telling them, "ok, well i guess go ahead and fix it." but in this case since its under warranty, i get to say, "whatever, how much longer till i can have it back?"

looks like its going to be a week.


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