Sunday, September 17, 2006


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I love love LOVE the sight of my babies sleeping together. Nothing is better and i can take umpteen pics from umpteen angles. Then when I get close, I can hear his little breaths and he will usually chirp and squeek, (yes he squeeks in his sleep) and he will slowly move his little fingers. Pretty adorable.

Akello's eyes are very sensitive to camera flash and bright or sudden light changes.
This brings me to some tips. I found that when taking a picture, my camera shoots out a infared focusing ray to the subject, well if this hits his eyes, even if he's asleep, he will grimmace and if done enough he will ultimatly stirr and wake up.

so what i do, is depress the camera button in order to focus, but i will start at his tummy instead of his face, then i will lift the camera and shoot. That way i still get the right focus length without bothering him.

another thing about light...

I found myself walking with him, trying to calm him to go to sleep, i would walk all around the house in a big circle pattern. He likes movement, and soothes well when you walk or dance with him. if you sit down, he cries.

well i noticed that every new room i walk to, he has something new to look at. it peaks his intrest and it only keeps him awake, so i now only stay in the middle of the living room, far enough away from the walls so that a painting doesnt catch his interest. This new method helps a lot also because its the same amount of light, rather than walking from room to room with varying degrees of light

One thing that we realized is that lights in the house are too bright, any of them, all of them. Its quite difficult to walk into the bedroom at night, or kitchen, or whatever and have a free hand to turn on a lamp. shure you can use your elbow or chin to turn on the overhead light switch, but that light is too bright anyway.

Might i suggest...the Lytegem

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These little lights are the perfect fix. Once night falls we like to keep all the lights in the house on low, so as to attune the baby to night and day. These little lights stay on all the time. There is one in the bedroom and two in the nursery. the amount of light is perfect and even has two settings of brightness. They run off the same lightbulbs that are used for tail lights, those little 12v/s with the nubs on both sides.

I got mine from Design Withing Reach, in fact, I think thats the only place you can get them.

Even I myself am now very light sensitive now, i used to be able to sleep with whatever light on, now i cant even sleep with the closet light on and the door barely cracked.

Saturday was a busy day for visitors.
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Theresas sister Bridgette paid a visit

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as did Theresa's cousin Valerie

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Val's daughter Jazzman

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And Val's other daughter Andrea, who held a baby for the first time that day!
and then quickly graduated to feeding him.


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