Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What day is it?

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I feel myself constantly saying, "whats today, tuesday?" I never seem to have a handle on what day it is these days. Theresa and I were walking akello in the stroller and she said that it feels like time flys and time stands still, all at the same time. I second the motion. He will be 4 weeks old on thursday. Crazy! and yet...not so crazy.

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Sunday was theresas last day on the antibiotic. we are super happy. now she can go back to breastfeeding him full time. yay!

Sunday was choc full of visitors. Linh and Doug brought over some home cooked food.
Gumbo, Keish (sp) and beer. Hooray beer! Its kinda weird that theresa can drink alcohal now, (even though she isnt right now). i had gotten so used to not asking her what she wanted to drink, since she always drinks water.

Anyway, we have been eating on that keish for a couple of days now for breakfast. its so much better than ceresal.

Im so behind on this blog. This whole parenting thing gets in the way sometimes.

Oh, so i got the computer back from Comp USA. they were able to save all of my data, (which i had not backed up) i bought a backup hard drive while i was there, i learned my lesson and would hate it if i had lost all the pics of little akello.

I just never thought about it. a back up hard drive. I recommend getting one. The one i bought was $160 for 250 gigs.

so back to the visitors. Dee and Simone came by later and the day as well.

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Blogger Gina Garcia said...

Shudda' taken the red pill T! Keanu was WRONG! I love how Jello is filling out! That pic with Pearl has SO much personality! I was all freaking out at the pic on the computer like Grandma! A-ke-chulo! coo-coo-waba-waba! Why is that? We should be studied...

9/21/2006 12:56 AM  

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