Friday, June 30, 2006

A day We will never forget!


Little T has been like an air traffic controller these days. I came home and she’s sitting in the office at the computer, on the phone,
talking to a dealer, cell phone ringing.. multiple windows open on the computer screen…trying her best to find a good deal on a used Honda CRV.

We didn’t go to Cedar Park after all,
The folks at Howdy Honda called just in a nick of time to follow up on a call that T made.

So yesterday we headed over to the place. Fell in love with a White CRV that was Certified pre-owned, put a down payment on it to hold it, and then left to go to a class at the hospital that Theresa signed us up for.

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This class was pretty big and was part of a 5 week course that meets once a week. We only came to this session because we don’t need the other classes seeing as how we are having a planned cesarian surgery. So no lemas classes for us! Ha! I am sure I misspelled both of those pregnant words.

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It's so funny being around different parents to be. Like we can totally pick out who are going to be the paranoid ones and such.

So after they played the video about cesarian procedures we split to our favorite resturant Z Tejas to celebrate our 3rd anniversary. My sister Gina had given us a gift card for Z, so that made it even sweeter!

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Happy 3rd!

So we get home and the carpet in the bedroom is dry….enough…lets say to put up the bed!

I started at 11:30 and gave up at 2 AM. I DON’T UNDERSTAND
I can’t get the slats to stay on the pinche bed! I get it all set up, put the mattress on, I get in it, and it caves in!!

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What suck is that the direcs are no help. Remember, this bed is from IKEA!

There are no words on the directions, and they have different direcs for full vs queen vs king. But WHATEVER. Im going to have to call the customer service rep tomorrow. Very frustrating.

Well today after work, we went back to the Howdy Honda to follow up on the car, well…we negotiated a good deal and bought it!!!

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We are THRILLED!! We both loooove the car and think it’s the perfect fit for us.
We liked our salesman too and recommend him if you are buying a used honda.
his name is Vito! We really loved buying this car. Sooo much better than when we almost bought one at Classic Honda a while back. They SUCK!

Well after we drove it home, We went straight back downtown to see the Carl Palmer Concert at La Zona Rosa!

For those that don’t know… I am a pretty big Emerson Lake and Palmer fan. So when I found out Carl Palmer, the drummer was making the touring circuit through Austin..and he was going to be playing ELP music with his new band, I flipped! We went and it was an amazing show!

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I was front and center the whole show!I still have concert high. I bought a poster there at the show and lined up to have Carl sign it. Then Theresa took a photo!

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Here he is signing my poster! What an amazing night! This is Carl Palmer!!! My favorite drummer!! One of the reasons I play drums today! And here I am taking a photo with him! Freaking ridiculous! You just don’t understand. Anyway I was all the way at the front.

Theresa who sat in the very back stated, “I could hear you yelling all the way over here. I knew you were excited cuzz you didn’t even get a beer.”

Im so glad that this was my son's first concert too! Too cool.

Ummm I think that’s it. An amazing day.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

what a day!

Where do I start!

Its been super busy these past two days, Theresa and I have done so much, I don’t know where to start. I was way too tired to write last night, I think I might start blogging in the morning instead at the end of the day, we will see. Well Tuesday started off with some painting. After the standard 2 trips to Home Depot, and a World Cup Match, I was ready to go.

So I started taping things off. I got to say…learn from my mistake..Do trim and baseboards FIRST!!
uGgg. Don’t get me started.

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So check these little bad boys out. They are perfect for “L” corners but work well with corners of the room as well

just do two strips moderately close

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and then fill the gap!

So after I taped things off…I took a break and headed over to Eurway to pick up a nelson ball clock knock off.

Here is a picture of the real deal that I really wanted to get for the kids room.. but you may remember from a past blog, Theresa said no! tooo expensive!

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But then I came across this one! A cheap Chinese knock off that only cost $37

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I went back home and put it up immediately!

Well, back to the painting…

Well I had this great idea, cuzz I’m painting the baseboards now… I pulled up the carpet and tucked the plastic drop cloth under the carpet. Pretty smart right? Even Theresa was giving me the Kudos. Well that worked great and all but my paintbrush was getting dirty with all the old grit and dirt from underneath the carpet. I should have vacuumed before going forward. But anyway. So after the baseboards were dry, I laid the carpet back down on the tack strip and was going to use a mallet to hammer the carpet back into place on the tack strip. So I lay the carpet down and realize that theres no way that I can get the carpet to the way it was before.

So I trimmed off what used to lie underneath the baseboard and then placed the carpet back down and hammered away! But it wasn’t taught like it used to be. So I quit doing this. (pulling up the carpet)

Back to home depot for a paint shield. Which reminds me to tell y’all, I usually like Lowes, But when it comes to painting supplies, HOME DEPOT is the way to go.

This reminds me of a joke Uncle Joe told me …
If a guy has to go back to HEB more than once …then he’s a total joto. (pronounced hoto)
But if a guy goes back to Home Depot oh say…twenty times in a day…than its totally cool.

This is so true. Well true that I make umpteen trips to the Depot whenever I’m in project mode. The worst part is when you see the same people there on your sub-sequent trips

OLD MAN: Run out of masking tape did ya!

GIL: I accidentally bought the “for delicate surfaces” version. I just saw blue tape and picked it up. This shit barely stays on!

OLD MAN: Oh yeah, you got to be careful, they come up with all different versions to try to rip you off. Things nobody needs like these stupid corner pieces…

GIL: Corner Pieces? Ooo let me see those!!!!

so here is a pick with me rocking the shield. it worked out nice!

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By this time it was 4:00 so I went to go pick Theresa up from her job downtown (she had to go in today) Then we went to a “class.” first of many i'm sure….

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It was free at the community center. It was very informative and helpful. I learn stuff about babys all the time now that I had no idea about. It was from 7-9 and by the time 9 came around we thought only 30 minutes had passed. That’s how into it that we were.

It seems I have forgotten everything by now, but I know it will kick in once something happens, like…Why is my baby loosing all his hair! Oh yeah! The class!

So after the class we stopped at the home depot to rent a carpet cleaner. It was only 19 bucks for 4 hours. The guy shows me how to use it and off I go, excited to clean the carpets so I can set up the new bed!!

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Well I get home, clear out the room, and get that bad boy going. I start to clean and then it happens

The thing shit on my carpet.

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That’s right, brown liquid gunk just started dribbling out of the back end of it…leaving a trail of shit!
Kinda counterproductive wouldn’t you say?

I was so pissed! Theresa handed me some car upholstery cleaner, and luckily it worked to pick up the shit that the “carpet cleaneer” put on my cream colored carpet. Ohhh I was pissed. So this not only didn’t work, but it cost me a day. I took a picture of the carpet disaster and put the whole thing in the garage.

Well the next morning, I headed straight to the depot first thing to drop off the thing and brought along a picture that I printed them out for proof. Then I got on the phone with THE STEAM TEAM! No more DIY for me , I was done with it.

So the Steam team was super nice and very accommodating. I told them I needed this done ASAP, Today. And they were all, how about 11-2?

How’s that for accommodating? In fact the guy Frank is here now doing the work, that’s why im writing so much, cuss I had to disconnect the internet cables in the living room so they would be out of his way. But man! The carpet looks awesome!!!

Be it known: We ARE going to a no shoe policy in the house. Be prepared on your next trip over

Ok, so I forgot to say, Theresa came home and saw the clock on the wall. Im in the other room and I hear Theresa use her teacher voice. “what is this clock doing on the wall”

Ooo she was pissed, but that’s because she thought it was the expensive version. Once she realized it was a knock off she simmered down. I forgot to prep her about that. Anyway. Shes all, “im still not sure about this” and this throws me…

GIL: What? I thought you didn’t like it cuzz it was too expensive.

Theresa: well yes, but baby don’t need no clock in his room.

Gil: ah come on …come on….whats the big deal… it looks way cool!!!

Theresa: just cuss its cool does not mean it belongs in the room.

So I suggested a different placement and sold it as art more than a clock.

She goes…”ill think about it..hold on to that receipt”

Damn!! Even when Theresa lays the law down she is super sexy! All Angela Basset Strange Days style!

Well she woke up this morning and approved it! Yippee!!

Well, we are off to look at a HONDA CRV in Cedar Park, lets hope things go well.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Infant Coordiantion Mirror

So here is the latest news. Theresa's car wont go in reverse! So we can't get it out of the garage! I mean we can get it out and all, but whats the use. We think the clutch is blown. So now were REALLY looking for a new (used) car. Does anyone know who we can sell ours to as is? we just dont want to put any more money into it at all. Theresa has been spending her time looking for a good deal on a 2002-2004 Honda CRV! We are lucky that we can manage with one car since theresa works from home for now.

Okay on to the latest project, the infant coordination mirror!
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This little project was a bit tough. I made a lot of mistakes along the way, and almost made more. The first thing your supposed to do is position the bar and screw that into some studs in the walls. So, I had to go to lowes to buy a studfinder. After I got back, I began. I started to high should I put the bar? the directions said "at desired height" but how tall are kids when they are starting to walk?


so theresa comes in and says that I should put it at about 23" so i did. This worked out perfect because, I didnt want the bottom of the bottom mirror to be too low becasue the baby's bed is 6 inches off the ground, and the whole point is having baby look up to see himself in the mirror, and i didnt want him staring at the bar when he looked up.

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Here is picture of the bar installed.
oh and the stud finder was useless! maybe thats cuzz I bought the 9 dollar version, but still, it was a Stanley. anyway I eventually just drilled holes in the sheetrock until I hit a stud. And then I realized that when I put the hand rail board against the wall, that the wall wasn't straight. I also noticed this when I was installing the flor tile, that, the walls would bow and no matter how you placed the tile, there was no getting a perfect fit.

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Don't ask me why I didnt pull up the flor tile before drilling right over it!

So that bar is heavy, and trying to get it level and hold it steady enough to screw one side in was no small feat!. I finally got it in, and then proceeded to add the mirrors. Now the mirrors are safety mirrors, so they are light, and much easier to install.

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they come with little holes for were your supposed to screw them to the wall. they also have a film over them to keep them from getting scratched up in transit.

I put them on, but made one bad mistake

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While screwing the top one on I went too hard and the mirror strarted to crack!
Que horrible! so I flipped it upside down so it wasn't so unsightly. Im hoping baby won't notice, I can just imagine his first words being "this nursery is ghetto!"

Now heres another thing, since the mirrors are plastic they bend and give. so things kinda look distorted when you look into it, so I went in and unscrewed all the screws about a quarter turn. This helped alot and now its a bit better cuzz it just kind of hangs from the top screws without any of the screws really pushing in on it.

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Some "monti" parents are all about safety mirrors and others just dont care. The thing with the mirror that you might be wondering about, is that Montessori recommends a mirror next to the baby's bed for them to get an early realization of self.

Theresa told me that we would put the baby's bed in the corner next to the mirror initially, and then when he started trying to walk, we would scoot it out so that he can utilize the hand rail for walking or pirouettes, whichever comes first.

You can pick up a mirror like this from the folks at Little Red Robin

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Week 31

We are at 31 weeks. here is the sunday picture. you will notice the wall is now gray, or gray blue.
Also! the infant coordination mirror arrived! I am pretty pumped to put it up. i will do that tomorrow!
well thats the plan anyway

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WEEK 31!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Day 37 Ballgames and fLOR

Yesterday Theresa and I went to a round rock express game with My sister Gina, my Dad and Monique. It was a surprise that my sister did for dad for fathers day. We had a good time, Definitly want to go back sometime.

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Thats Gina in the middle and our freind Monique on the right.

So the funniest thing was the media buy that this law firm did on the cupholders

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you might not be able to read it, but it says something about, specializing in DWI.
hOW Fitting. But seriously, Like who's gonna go Hmmm, Im pretty drunk...Not sure if im gonna make it back to the house...better wright this lawyers # down case I get pulled over! This IS williamson County!

So today the flor tILE arrived! As soon as i got home I laid it down! it took about 2 hours. If you ever want to do flor tile talk to me first, i have learned quite a bit about it now that I have installed it myself.

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here is a pic of the closet. see that little gap at the threshold? I got a clever little idea for that..keep you posted.

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i did the design that i talked about earlier in the blog. i really like it, and theresa does too. I got to say though. I am not feeling the bird decals. I think they are too busy for the room, they arent the right scale for the room either. I am pretty pumped about the mural. i think its gonna look cool. now with the floor tiles laid im going to pick colors for the mural. im also thinking that the blue drawers might have to go on the changing table. The saturation is way to high and doesnt give a sense of calm that the flor tiles do....we shall see!

Right now we are sleeping in the nursery b/c the bedroom is still being painted. I hope to finish that up tomorrow night. stay tuned. Here is a pic of T journaling B4 bed

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Day 35 more painting

man, painting is tiring!

I swear that if you put anything in my hand that resembles a paintbrush, it will cramp up!

I applied the new coat of paint today to the bedroom. Exhausting. Its not the gray that i somehow imagined, still a littl too blue, but its a shade darker and im happy with it. it looks realllly good with the whites and blonde woods in the room and that was my main objective. to provide a calming and relaxful not so dark bedroom. so i am done! now i have to paint the baseboards. oh, and i am going to try and paint the doors white. if they dont let me paint them, im going to go get new ones. Im going to replace the old handles and hinges too. Need some stainless stell upgrades yeah.

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Tonight we watched Dave Chappelles Block Party! it was awesome, i highly recommend it. Theresa and Baby Boy bought me the DVD for early fathers day. Afterwards Theresa started working in her "office" she just loves to get all snug and do her summer job from this little chaise. She gets all situated with her drinks and remotes and the laptop. (the tv isnt too far away either). She says she likes working on the laptop insread of the home computer because she doesnt feel like she's working.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Day 34 Theresas update, a new chair, new paint!


Lets start things off with a message from Theresa:

Happy Tuesday everyone!

It's been awhile since I've updated you on Baby G and
me. We are doing well and feeling great. It's hard
to believe we're already to week 30 (30 weeks and 4
days to be precise, if one can be in these
situations). My health is checking out well. There
are always those series of test you take. I do have
anemia so I'm taking extra iron supplements. My
energy level hasn't been lacking so it was definitely
news to me but I definitely have a family history of
being anemic. My gestational diabetes test was normal
so I don't have to give up the sweets which I try not
to consume to much of anyway but it's nice to know I
can have a piece of cake if I choose to. Baby boy's
health is good as well, strong heart, strong kicks
(he's very busy in there), good fundal height (that's
one of my new favorite terms, it basically means how
he measures in utero from head to rump).
I've attached a picture of us at 30 weeks. I will try
to send out updates more frequently as we approach the
BIG day.

Thank always for your continued prayers, support and
well-wishes. You are all a blessing in our lives.
Theresa and Baby G.

Yesterday we received a really cool gift from Michelle called
the bumbo chair!

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This is an awesome little chair, and the baby models on the box look terribly cute.
especially the little black one. I must say, everytime i see a black baby I start to wonder what my kid will look like, and i some how conjure up an image of my big head on a little baby's body. like that horrible movie that's out right now that the keenan ivory wayans brothers are putting out. soooo stupid. But i digress.

So this chair is really cool and blue! so it totally goes in the room, but it wont be used there so much. Here is what Michelle has to say about it:

Hey T,
I am glad you got the chair. Isn't it so cool? Well you can sit the baby in it BEFORE they can sit on their own. That is what is so cool about it. It sits them up in a comfortable position. It say something like 3-14 months, but as long as they can hold their head upright you can sit them in it. You can feed them in it (when away from a highchair) and bring it from room to room to do different things around the house. Also bring it with you away from home. When I discovered it I was so bummed that I did get me one by discovering it sooner. I think it can be pretty useful. I hope Baby G likes it.

Now Montessori would disagree with this chair because the baby can not get in or out of it on babys own accord, But theresa likes the way that its just babys size and how it supports him in sitting up independantly. I think this its cool too and have vetoed the montessori rule on this one.

Now lets talk about the painting saga. So I am dying to put up our new bed from IKEA!
it sits dormant while i try to finish up the painting in our bedroom. But watching sports pretty much got in the way today. Theresa tells me that theres no need to head out to sportsbars anymore because the spanish channel is broadcasting all the world cup games. And we DO get the spanish channels. So i wake up and sure enough, I was pretty much glued to the TV until 4:00. THEN i started to paint.

Here is a before picture.

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I talked about this last time, the whole painting saga. So after looking at the swatches I decided against the purple wall, I thought that it would be too dark for theresas tastes, even though i am of course cool with it. So im discussing this with the peeps at work, getting their feedback on the colors and all, and Stephani says. "you should get the paint at 75% saturation, because the paint is going to go on darker than what that swatch looks like. Im all, hmm.....

So i go off the store to get the paint and tell them that i wanted to get one gallon of paint, then i remembered the 75% business, so i go, oh wait, make it 75! and there all ok, but then im all, Oh wait! just give me a little test cup. and they're all "ill just do it at 75 and then if its too light, just bring it back and ill add the 25%! Sweet! so i grab my gallon of 75% light gray paint and leave.

Well i forget that the paint that i have is 75%, and that i need to test it, So i just go full throttle and finish out the room, finishing at 11:00. then theresa walks in and is all, "ooo i like it! its kinda blue though, I take a look at it. It hits me. its blue. i run and get the swatch book and compare it to the swatch. Not EVEN close! Damn! I FORGOT that i had 75% and that i was supposed to test it first. Lame! so i got to do it all over again tomorrow. thats after the world cup games of course.

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Sunday, June 18, 2006


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WEEK 30!

Tonight we watched a tough loss to the Miami Heat, and I went through the swatch ring trying to select paint colors for the nursery mural and the bedroom. Theresa had originally shot down my plan to paint our bedroom a light grey and purple. She didnt want the room to be dark. We had previously discussed going all white. BUT, that was BEFORE this little boy showed up. The problem with going all white, is that we cant afford to replace the carpet (a dirty ivory color thats in the picture above) with antique finished white plank flooring. SOOOO. now all white wont work, because i fear that it will only bring out the "dinginess" of that carpet.

Theresa also feels that she would have never picked the colors of the house if i had shown them to her either and yet loves the finished product. She has decided to stay mum on the subject going forward. Whew! i thought i was going to have to get out the duct tape for a little bit there!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

DAY 31, Its been a month


Sorry for that 5 day Gap! I have been getting home late and my mind has been very tired lately. I was supposed to go to IKEA this coming tuesday with Bruce, but he couldnt go, so he went this past tuesday instead. He did however pick up the bed that i was going to buy. And while thats great and all, my schedule is all off and I am racing to pick the paint colors for the master bedroom, so i can paint, so that i can then steam clean the carpet, so that I can then setup the bed! (which theresa and I are very eager to see in the room!

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This is the bed. Its called "the malm". We also got two nightstands to go with it. I was going to get a dresser too, but our bedroom is sooo small, i wanted to get things set up first to see if there would be visual room. right now, our dressers are in the closets.

So my mind has somewhat shifted to the masterbedroom rather than the nursery. I am going to paint on tuesday and try to have the steam team come on wednesday, then i can put up the bed on thursday. thats the plan anyway.

As far as the nursery goes, i did make one change. I changed the light switch in the room from the standard kind to the new kind. (i honestly dont know how to describe these. But thats why theres pictures!!!

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the cool thing about this switch is that its a lot easier to turn on in the dark, because when its turned off, it glows!

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Other than that, i am still thinking about the birds and how i should put them up. i am worried that they might be too big for the room. As much as it pains me to do this, i think i might WAIT TO PUT THEM UP! yep, you heard it here folks. I want the mural to be up first. then we will see if the birds "fly" or not.

Speaking of mural,
i have come up with the idea of what i want to do. I need to sketch it out on paper and refine it enough to be "art ready" for the artist on July 15th. here is the rough idea.

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The Mural will be composed of 3 trees. All different values of the same shade of blue with the tree in the forefront painted in the strongest color. I am also going to use that same color to trim out the doors OR i will use the same color to paint to doors. dont know yet. OOO i might use all colors elsewhere in the room, since I have to buy the paint anyway. I think i will paint one door, blue, the other bluer, and finally i will trim out the inside of the window bay in the bluest blue. yep. that sounds good.for now anyway. i will change my mind by the time my head hits the pillow. speaking of pillows. We have managed to make it to chapeter 5 of the davinci code. Theresa and i take turns reading to the baby so it can get used to our voices. well, my voice really, he hears theresa all the time. He is getting big! youll see tomorrow. ummm, i think thats it for now. Oh Theresa just shot down my color ideas for the bedroom. so never mind on that. looks like i will be painting the whole thing the same white thats in the nursery. TaaTaa!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Day 26. Baby's first Chair!


Didnt really feel like blogging on sunday night so i just gave you Theresas pic and went to bed. I was pretty tired from an evening on lake Travis celebrating a friends birthday.

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thats me with the beer.

I gotta say, nothing is more relaxing then floating in the lake with a beer as the sun goes down after youve had a long hard day on the pebbletech floor at DWR! ESPECIALLY on a weekend.

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Theresa stayed on the boat looking pretty.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Ron cooked out, or shall i say, warmed stuff up (pre-cooked is the way to go!)

Ron also gave Theresa and I a gift!!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Baby's First chair!!! How awesome is this, its like a baby eames chair!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
i cant wait for the little bro to be chillin with the rest of us around the coffee table in the living room. I know, he wont be still for a second. This chair is awesome too becasue it adheres to the montessori rules.

Rule # 7 (just kidding, theres no rules, just philosophy)
NO Swings, NO bouncy things! the baby has to be able to get in and out of anything they might sit in on their own accord. This chair will be perfect for him to put his shoes on ! just like adults!

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So im starting to think about where to place the birds on the wall! leave a comment and vote!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
top or bottom?

so i also started to baby proof the outlets. Check these out! a must have. I started to do babys room but i realized im going to have to do the whole house! These things are not cheap and add up quick!

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Monday, June 12, 2006



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Saturday, June 10, 2006

day 24 TOYS

So im not writing much tonight. Bruce and I are getting up early to go watch the world cup at Fado Irish Pub at 7:30 in the morning, so i will be brief,

I ordered the flor tile, that shold be here in 10 days.

I wanted to talk about toys. Yesterday after I had come back from BabysRus with sheet sets and such for the floor bed, theresa told me that we already had sheets from the baby shower at her work.

I had totally forgotten about all that stuff. i went into the closet and started going through everything and sorting it. clothes, toys, books, etc. I started seperating everything that was going to have to go back to the store. That being the crazy toys mostly!

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Heres the thing with toys. They cant "do" anything. they cant make noise or spin around or move in any way that is not visible to baby. Rattles is a big thing. they must have all the clattering parts on the outside, so that baby can see how it works. Now i spoke to this point a little earlier about how there cant be any cartoony images of animals and what not. so i am proud to say that i will be passing down my stuffed animals from when i was a kid to my own baby. hOW cool is that! I'm so glad that they make the montessori cut!

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Now I know what your saying, "A baby Ewok...from star wars?" "are you filing this under abstract?"
No, I am not. this baby Ewok looks JUST LIKE the one in the movie, thereby being representational, just like Buffy Buffalo and Wally Walrus. Just LOOK at those guys. I have already written a chilldrens book to accompany these characters. They go on quite an adventure, kind of a "Babe"
meets "Homeward Bound" plot. my agent already has Queen Latifah to voice buffy and cliff clavin to be wally. but i digress.

Many of you have expressed the want to buy some toys for baby, and are confused cuzz of the whole montessori thing, just go to and pick something out!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Day 23. new stuff

Today the floor bed arrived! It looks very nice and is well built. After a long day at work, i still had enough energy to zoom back out to BABYSRUS to pick up some bedding for the mattress, so i could see it all good to go. Theresa had no doubts where I was when she came home from her walk to see the mattress in the floor bed arranged in the nursery.

While I was there i noticed the rockers' showroom! I rolled my eyes and ran the other way

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I just dont see one of these in my house.

LOTS of new stuff has been going on. too much to talk about. And work has been very taxing the last couple of days wich has left me with no mental capacity for blogging, but i don't want to fall behind! so here is a tid bit.

So lets start with this diaper business. Never has any posting commanded so many responses! The best response i heard was from Bruce. He told me about an amazing concept! are you ready for this!


thats right! Dy-Dee Diaper Service will come by your home twice a week to pickup the old ones and drop off the new ones! bruce told me that they give you a cheap plastic canister with disenfectant disks of some sort to put in there, and you just put it out on your front step just like trash day and they will come and pick it up.

As far as cost, he said back in his day it was like 15$ a month, but that was during the Reagan administration, so who knows how much it is now. but I have already made a line item for it in the budget.

Speaking of trash, we have to order the bigger trashcan. right now we use the small green one. time to upgrade to the bigger gray one. Also, since the Dy-Dee Diaper Service provides a cheap plastic generic container, that meant i would have to go out to get a new trash can. I had already been making the rounds looking for trash cans and hampers for the nursery so i already knew what to get. ta daa!!

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(the white one)

Simple Human makes this one. We already have a Simple human for the kitchen and like it alot.
it totally goes in the nursery and looks really good. Be careful when buying trashcans you have to give them a really good look to see if there are any dents and its even harder with the white ones. Two of the white ones had small dents. Luckilly one was still pristine.

I have started to realize that baby is only months away and I need to start ordering stuff now so that it gets here on time.

I ordered this today from Little Red Robin!

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LRR is an awesome sight for montessori furniture and toys. the site also has a lot of articles about
montessori stuff. Ok, heres another thing. My freind Malita taught me the HTML trick where the links highlight so you can just click on them, but i lost the paper that she wrote on, or misplaced i should say so here it goes! copy paste

So lets talk about the mirror. Montessori rules say that you have to have a miror in the room for baby to get a realistic sense of themselves. Montessori also says that a little balance beam is good for baby to try to pull themselves up on. this kills two birds!

So I also have to order the flor tile, i will do that tommorrow. here is my final plan with furniture placement too. Im gonna have a sheepskin throw in front of the bed, i didnt feel like photoshopping out the baby.,

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Oh that reminds me! I bought the babys domain name ___________

I suggest all parents do this as soon as possible if you have not already. P.S. The number of dashes is in no direct correlation to the number of letters in baby's first name. So this juicy tid bit will have everyone going to the internet to try their guesses.