Friday, September 22, 2006

Pinche Computer

The stupid computer is still broke! Yes, i just called a machine stupid. Thats the level of frustration that i am feeling right now. I bought the backup drive and formatted and partitioned it and have been backing up my files. The problem is that the thing shuts down before i can back it up!

so i put a fan right up next to it to try to keep it cool. so far its worked, (knock on melamine)

it takes forevor to back up the files. I have 102 gigs that needs to be backed up. i think it might take an hour or two.

Theresa and Akello have joined a Parent baby playgroup at Connections.

They will be going to one class once a week where they teach you stuff. all free.

On Thursday the class was called "introduction to emotioanl coaching" Theresa gave 2 thumbs up!

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Blogger Gina Garcia said...

Nice gunz T!

9/23/2006 2:06 AM  

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