Wednesday, September 20, 2006

League of Extraordinary Leche

Here it is ! i finally caught one of akello's darling little sneezes on tape!

Now that theresa is off the anti-biotic we are back to full breastfeeding mode. Pictures like this will not be so common
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our counter top was starting to get a little crazy with all the bottles and such.
hmmm this picture illustrates the essentials pretty well.

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bottles and bottle accesories,

For those that dont know...formula is EXPENSIVE! i forget how much it costs, because we have not had to buy any of it. Yes, we took a whole pack from the hospital and that held us for about 3 days, and then the hospital gave us an ENFAMIL gift pack upon our leaving, complete with gift bag and two cans of powder to make our own formula. the nurse handed it to me as we were getting into our car.

I was all, whats this? is this free?

It was like a GWP. (gift with purchase). Spend $3000 or more and receive two free tubs of enfamil powder and this handsome carrying tote.


two more tubs come in the mail! we're on the list! Theresa tells me that they are giving the stuff away because they want us to buy their formulas which are expensive! again, i dont know how much..theresa told me but i forgot. But its safe to say that if its locked up behind the glass at Walgreens then it must be pretty pricy.

I usually make all the formula. so many scoops for so much water. pretty easy to make. I find that stirring the formula instead of shaking it produces less bubbles, and therefore less gas in baby. thats my theory anyway. There are all these rules with formula as far as storage goes, can only be refrigerated for so long, has to be used within an hour at room temp and so on.

One thing that was a struggle was this. If i made all the formula for the night and put it in the fridge, when theresa got up in the middle of the night to feed him, she would have to

walk downstairs (with baby) come to the fridge, warm up the formula wich took 5 or so minutes. (a lifetime when baby's crying) back upstairs..resituate herself in her favorite Chaise. and feed him. all with one free hand. repeat every two hours.

we went to babysrus to buy this thing that warms up the formula, which is cool and all, and will come in great for trips. but

what i started doing was putting the right amount of powder in each of the bottles and then placing them by the bedside table upstairs with the lids barely on. next to the bottles, i placed a decanter with enough water for all three bottles. Now all she had to do was reach over, take the nipple off the bottle, pour the correct amount of water in, screw the nipple back on, and shake the thing. whalah!

fresh formula.

man, it is nice not having the computer shut down on me randomly. i'm almost already out of the habit of saving my blog "as draft" every 2 minutes.

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So one of my readers from germany, (thats right. The M.M.A. is international!)
sent a lovely note to suggest the book entitled "the womanly art of breastfeeding" that La Leche League puts out. Well, i have to say that it is art and the art is beautiful. Thanks for the tip Anja.

Well Theresa has the book and in fact on tuesday she went to her first L.L.L.
Meeting, with other moms like her. She really enjoyed it and will be going to those once a month. its cool because there is a north side chapter, so she doesnt have to go far.

The first time i heard the words "La Leche League", i was all, "oh, cool. must be an austin thing. cool name and all" little did i know.

they are a great group of people that promote breastfeeding to the fullest and a great resource for women who are breastfeeding

I was tooling around on their site and came across this!
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theresa and i had seen these stools everywhere, in hospitals and such and thought it would be nice to have but couldnt find where to buy one. Not that we were looking that hard. We just use phonebooks. i think this stool would look A LOT better though
get one here

Theresa said that there was a lady at the LLL meeting that was wearing this t-shirt
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oh, heres another video of akello being fussy. Its cute, funny, and sad, all at the same time,


Blogger Gina Garcia said...

I love to see "The Gyser" go off, he just keeps warming up, and you know it's coming, his little fists start Chuck Norris'n, and then BAM!

9/21/2006 12:46 AM  

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